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What Your Earwax Says About You

According to chemist Katherine Prokop-Prigge at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, “We could obtain information about a person’s ethnicity simply by looking in his ears.” It turns out that a single gene controls both a person’s underarm odor and the type of earwax (cerumen) their body produces. Other research has shown that you can

How to Care for Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are precision instruments that require proper maintenance. If you take care of them properly, they can serve you well for many years. Here is a brief summary of the most important issues, followed by detailed recommendations for getting the best long-term results. Keys to Effective Hearing Aid Maintenance Protect hearing aids from heat,

Ear, Nose, and Throat Problems Associated with Down Syndrome

External Ear Canal Stenosis (Narrow Ear Canals) A child with Down syndrome who has narrow ear canals should see an ENT specialist every three months to avoid undiagnosed and untreated ear infections. Cleaning of the ear canals by an ENT specialist is often necessary to ensure proper examination and diagnosis. The problem may resolve after

How to Maintain Healthy Ear Canals

This happens to a lot of people. You clean your ears and yet they still feel dry and irritated and you think you’re not cleaning them enough, so you clean them even more and they continue to feel dry and irritated and may even become infected. This is the cycle we are trying to break.

Tips for Hearing Aid Users

Hearing aids can cause irritation, itchiness, and even ear infections. Improper use and neglect can also affect your hearing aid performance. Here are some tips to help you avoid medical issues and enjoy better performance from your hearing aids. Ear Cleaning Earwax can clog your sound ports and affect how you hear sounds. If your

What Customers Are Saying About Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer

Don’t know if Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer is more effective than other brands of ear drops? Check out what our customers have to say about it: “I was having intermittent pains in my left ear. After using Comfort Ear twice, I have no pain!” “Loosened up all the wax in my ear.” “Sometimes, my ears

Maintain the Normal pH of Your Ear Canal

Hi, I’m Dr. Nina Yoshpe, co-founder of YW Doctors Laboratories and co-developer of Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer. Many patients ask why a pH balanced formula is so important for the external ear canal skin. The pH is key to external ear skin care. Maintaining a normal pH of the external ear canal allows it to

Soothe Irritated Ears

My name is Dr. Ayal Willner. I’m the co-founder of YW Doctors Laboratories and co-developer of Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer. Our ear drops were developed to soothe irritated ears and restore the normal environment of the ear canal. I’m often asked, “Is it ok for swimmer’s ear?” Swimmer’s ear is a bacterial infection of the

Why Do Ears Get Irritated?

You hear about irritated skin and irritated eyes all the time, but irritated ears isn’t as common a topic. When your ears get dry, you can get a case of Irritated ears. There are also other reasons for having irritated ears. Causes of Ear Irritation Dry Skin: Over-cleaning your ears can make your ear skin

Ear Candling: Does it work?

Ear candling is NOT recommended by the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. Learn more about Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer.