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How to Maintain Healthy Ear Canals

This happens to a lot of people. You clean your ears and yet they still feel dry and irritated and you think you’re not cleaning them enough, so you clean them even more and they continue to feel dry and irritated and may even become infected. This is the cycle we are trying to break.

Ear Candling: Does it work?

Ear candling is NOT recommended by the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. Learn more about Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer.

Can You Over-clean Your Ears?

It’s very tempting to clean out your ears each day due to the discomfort of earwax. However, this may actually be damaging. The ear has systems in place to clean itself and protect against bacteria. Over-cleaning is both unnecessary and potentially dangerous. How Can Someone “Over-clean” Their Ears? The most common way to over-clean your

Should I Use Q-tips to Clean My Ears?

Q-tips were never intended for use in the ears. The Q-tip box clearly states that they are not to be used for that purpose. Nonetheless, some people use them to clean their ears. This is a dangerous practice that can lead to serious injury. Why Shouldn’t I Use a Q-Tip to Clean My Ears? There