Ear Drops that Soothe and Moisturize Dry, Irritated Ears
Comfort Ear Natural Moisturizer bottle

All About Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer

Comfort Ear Natural Moisturizer bottle

What It Is

Formulated by practicing physicians Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer was developed and tested by highly regarded ear, nose, and throat specialists who routinely treat patients with a variety of problems involving the skin of the ear canal. Unsatisfied with existing products, these physicians developed the Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer formulation.

Made with safe, natural ingredients this proprietary formulation is a rich, emollient blend of natural oat and aloe extracts. It does not contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals that can dry out or damage ear canal skin. It is safe for all ages and can be used every day.

Illustration of Oat and Aloe

How It Works

In a healthy ear, the pH (acid-base balance) limits the growth of bacteria and, together with a coating of cerumen (earwax), protects the skin inside the ear canal from irritation and infection. Cerumen should flow continuously from inside the ear canal, over the ear canal skin, and out of the ear. This process helps keep the ear canal clean and clear of debris and protects the ear canal skin.

When something changes the pH balance or interferes with the flow of cerumen, the ear may become dry, irritated, or infected. Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer helps protect the ear canal by restoring the natural pH balance and promoting the normal flow of cerumen.

mother putting ear drops in daughter's ear

How To Use It

Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer is gentle and safe for daily use by people of all ages.

Apply 3-4 drops to the affected ear canal(s) once every day until symptoms improve. A small cotton ball may be placed just inside the ear canal after application to prevent leakage. Hearing aid users should apply this product at night, after removing their hearing aids. Common problems such as dry or irritated ears should begin to improve after a few days of use. If symptoms continue for more than 7 days, consult a physician because this may be a sign of a more serious condition.