Why Do Ears Get Irritated?

You hear about irritated skin and irritated eyes all the time, but irritated ears isn’t as common a topic. When your ears get dry, you can get a case of Irritated ears. There are also other reasons for having irritated ears.

Causes of Ear Irritation

man with ear painDry Skin: Over-cleaning your ears can make your ear skin dry and irritated and cause other problems as well.

Insufficient Earwax: Sometimes your ears don’t produce enough earwax. When this happens, or if you live in a dry climate, ears can become dry, just like any other skin on your body.

Ear Infection: Ear infections can cause pain and irritation. This is especially true for Swimmer’s Ear, a very specific kind of ear infection that affects the outer ear canal. You may also notice redness and swelling on top of the irritation. People with diabetes are especially prone to ear infection because they typically have abnormal ear canal pH.

Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer does not treat external ear canal infection.

Using Hearing Aids: A hearing aid may interfere with the normal flow of earwax, causing blockage of the ear canal—and sometimes the hearing aid itself—with excess wax.

Dermatitis of the ear canal: Dermatitis is a condition where skin becomes inflamed—usually due to allergic reaction or irritation. This can happen to skin anywhere on the body, including the ear canal. Dry earwax and alcohol-based ear drops may also cause dermatitis of the ear canal.

What Should I Do About Irritated Ears?

For a lot of people, it’s just an inconvenience and not medically alarming. However, in some cases, if it’s severe enough, it may become too irritated and lead to bleeding or drainage of the ear. If there’s enough swelling, sometimes you can experience minor hearing loss. If this happens, you should seek medical attention.

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