Is it Swimmer’s Ear or Something Else?

If your ears start itching and getting red a few days after swimming, you may have otitis externa, also known as Swimmer’s Ear. Swimmer’s Ear is a common infection of the outer ear that involves the eardrum and the ear canal. The infection can be caused by bacterial or fungal growth, viruses, irritation, or tissue damage associated with water getting in the ears.

Treating Swimmer’s Ear

If not treated properly, otitis externa can cause serious problems and should be treated by a physician. It’s also important to avoid getting water in your ears while otitis externa is active to reduce the risk of further infection.

Swimmer’s Ear Prevention

Here are a few tips you can follow to prevent otitis externa in the future:

  • Use towels to dry your ears after swimming or bathing. To ensure that no water gets stuck in the ear canal, tilt your head and hold each ear facing down to allow water to escape
  • If visiting a swimming pool, ask a lifeguard or pool worker if the pH levels are checked daily. A proper pH balance may reduce the chance of getting Swimmer’s Ear

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