Tips for Hearing Aid Users

Hearing aids can cause irritation, itchiness, and even ear infections. Improper use and neglect can also affect your hearing aid performance. Here are some tips to help you avoid medical issues and enjoy better performance from your hearing aids.

Ear Cleaning

doctor adjusting Hearing Aid in woman's earEarwax can clog your sound ports and affect how you hear sounds. If your ear canal is filled with wax, it interferes with the natural resonance in your ear, affecting the pitch and volume of sounds. Using Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer at bedtime every day can help keep your ears clear of excess wax.

Preventing Irritation

Many first-time hearing aid users experience irritation from hearing aids. This can be caused by excess moisture in your ears. Many conditions that lead to itchiness and dryness are actually caused by excess moisture. This excess moisture can also lead to bacterial growth and infection. To minimize your risk of irritation, try to stay in low-humidity environments and make sure your ears and hearing aids stay dry after showering, swimming, etc. Also, do not clean your ears with Q-tips.

Earmold Hygiene

Neglecting to clean your earmolds (the part of a hearing aid that fits inside your ear canal) can also lead to infection. If you don’t clean your earmolds, you are putting bacteria into a warm, moist, and dark place, which is perfect for their growth. Keeping your ears clean with Comfort Ear™ Natural Moisturizer and keeping your earmolds clean with a mild commercial cleaner will help to prevent ear infection caused by your hearing aids.

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